organisational constellation

We all live and work in systems, like families, schools and organizations. Every system has its specific culture and is ruled by certain laws. If these laws are not respected it may lead to dysfunctions and problems. If you experience heaviness , confusion or excessive stress in the work area, a constellation can be a very "enlightening" tool to help you look at the situation from a systemic perspective. If you work in an organization you might have an issue about leadership, conflict resolution, team management, change management, clarifications of roles and functions, development of strategies and policies.

If you work on your own a constellation can help you in the case of decision making, personal development, change of values, lack of creativity, generating alternatives and options. In work- related constellations use can be made of representatives for your colleagues, boss, clients , suppliers, consultants or even different parts of your personality, for example your creativity, trust, anxiety, intuition and so on .

Systemic Constellation is spreading around the world for several reasons: it focuses on solutions and not on problems and in a short time it shows clearly the hidden dynamics in complex or simple structures.