relationship star sapphire

Star Sapphire Energywork is a method which works with the male and female energies in your body, and these are the energies responsible for your work and your closest relationship. They choose, although the choice is often subconscious. If by chance they are not listening to each other, or if one has become dominant and the other diminished, then these two areas of life will reflect the disturbance in the inner pair.

Through this method it is possible to examine any discomforts which appear on the surface – in the work, for example – and use them to go inward to the root of the difficulty. But one does not need a difficulty to benefit from a closer look at how the two polarities are dancing together. There is always room for growth. It is good to see which one should be given more support right now in your life, and what kind of support it needs. Usually, just as in breathing there is a time for the in-breath and a time for the out-breath, in life there is a time for your masculine part to get more space, and a different time for the feminine to come forward.

This method increases the self-love in each polarity, so they relax into their opposite natures. Relaxation helps them to flow toward each other. The result is love, the result is an harmonious creativity. Inside and outside, it is immediately there.

Basic to the Star Sapphire vision is the idea that relating, meditation, and creativity (work) are all interconnected.

The Star Sapphire method was developed by Sagarpriya De Long who has recently written a book, published also in Sweden as "Kärlekens båda Ansikten"(Energica Förlag).