family constellation
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Family Constellation is an effective and powerful method to recognize family entanglements in the family of origin as well as in the present family. Most often unexpected, solution oriented interventions bring relaxation and understanding in deep human problem situations and allow love to flow again between the members of the family system.

Systemic Family Therapy has been developed by a German therapist, Bert Hellinger. In this therapeutic approach we consider the individual not as a separate unit, but as part of a greater whole, a family system. His individual behaviour, his feelings and attitudes have to be understood in the context of this larger group. Like in any other system there are laws operating in a family system, which guide the individual's behaviour and to a large extent are unspoken and the individuals are even unaware of them.

Often suffering of family members arises if one or more members of the family system unconsciously violate these archaic laws or 'orders' ('order' has to be understood not in a moralistic sense). This happens mostly out of love, but a 'blind love'.

The method of bringing the hidden family dynamics to light is to have a person from a group create the constellation of his or her family with the help of other group members. They represent members of the person's original or present family and are positioned the room in relation to each other according to the person's feeling in that moment. In this way a living model of the original family is created. It is found that the feelings and thoughts of the representatives are very similar to those of the actual family members. Usually this is done with a group of people, but it also works in individual sessions, where cushions or other symbols can be used to represent the positions of family members.

The uniqueness of this work is not only to uncover a destructive family dynamic. Using the responses of the representatives in their positions, the family structure and the relations between family members can be modified to establish a new, more natural and healing balance for the whole system. Love in a family system flows best when a certain systemic 'order' is respected. In Family Constellations we try to discover these 'orders' or laws and make them visible.

Family Constellation is rooted in the understanding that through acknowledging of what is and becoming aware of our basic entanglements, we are able to move beyond family. Our way of relating becomes more open, conscious and flexible.